22 March 2007

Collecting information about techie events in Vienna

This blog is dying, caused by the fact that I'm not a good blogger at all.

Okey, back to the topic I'd like to write now about...

Techie (=computer technology related) events in Vienna. There are not so many, usually. But this year seems be better. There would be: European Perl Conference, Semantic conference, DeepSec and others. Currently I'm collecting some information about them. The idea behind: to make a feed about techie events here in Vienna, Austria

I will publish more soon...

02 March 2007

OpenSolaris starter kit

There is a OpenSolaris starter kit to get for free!

It includes:

  • Solaris Express
  • 3 Live-CDs: Nextenta, BelleniX and ShilliX
  • Sun Studio compilers

12 December 2006

Solaris 10 11/06 with Trusted Extensions

Sun has released Solaris 10 11/06 on 11.12.2006. Internally, it's called 'Update 3'. The biggiest features for this update are Trusted Extensions and Secure by Default. Yes, all of the security features you loved back in Trusted Solaris, are now standard as part of Solaris 10. Get an overview of new features

29 November 2006

Nagios 2.6

On 27th of November the new version (2.6) of Nagios is has been released. But why a plugin timeout cause a CRITICAL state? In my humble opinion this makes no sens at all.

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19 October 2006


Sun Microsystems engineers have begun designing Niagara 3, a second sequel to the company's ambitious lower-end processor. John Fowler, executive vice president of Sun's server division, confirmed the development in an interview Tuesday and suggested it will continue Sun's push to squeeze more processing cores onto the chip. This new member of the Sparc family will be built using a manufacturing process with 45-nanometer circuitry elements, he said.

11 October 2006

New Sun Processors - Fall Microprocessor Forum 2006

The Fall Microprocessor Forum 2006 is nearly over. Sun presented the new Niagara-2 and SPARC64-VI.

The Niagara-2
will run twice as many threads parallel as it's predecessor. Each of it's 8 cores will handle 8 threads parallel. There will be perhaps a new Floating-Point/Graphics Unit (FGU) shared by the cores. The new Stream Processing Unit (SPU) will handle more algorithms (RC4, DES, 3DES, AES-128/192/256, MD5, SHA-1/256).

is the dual-core version of SPARC64-V.

04 October 2006

Teaching children programming

There are many approaches to teach children programming. Bellow is a collection of some related links which may be helpful.